DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is an app that simulates live flamenco rhythm accompaniment and revolutionizes the practice and study of all branches of flamenco.

Created by guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio” and Theoretical Physicist, Maissam Barkeshli, this innovative practice tool was years in the making and carefully designed to improve your flamenco rhythmic skills. Whether you are a guitarist, dancer or singer, student or professional, DOCTOR COMPÁS™ enhances your rhythmic accuracy and sense of soniqueté. Install it on your iPhone or Android, plug it into a sound system or earphones, hit the start button and play, sing or dance away.

Completely adjustable by you, DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is a revolutionary product that is unmatched in the market today. The unique metronome never plays the same sample twice in a row, and simulates improvised palmas and cajón with incredible precision and musicality for all flamenco palos at any tempo you choose. And best of all it fits in your pocket because it runs on your mobile device.