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"Me parece fenomenal y una ayuda muy buena para estudiantes." - Chicuelo

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DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is an app which simulates live flamenco rhythm accompaniment and revolutionizes the practice and study of all branches of flamenco.

Created by guitarist Jason McGuire “El Rubio” and Maissam Barkeshli, this innovative practice tool was years in the making and carefully designed to improve your flamenco rhythmic skills. Whether you are a guitarist, dancer or singer, student or professional, DOCTOR COMPÁS™ enhances your rhythmic accuracy and sense of soniqueté.  Install on your iPhone, plug into a sound system or earphones hit the start button and play, sing or dance along.  DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is unlike any other available product in the market today because it is completely adjustable by YOU.

DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is a unique flamenco metronome that NEVER plays the same sample twice in a row, AND simulates improvised palmas and cajón with incredible precision and musicality for ALL flamenco palos at any tempo you choose. It fits in your pocket because it runs on iPhone/iPod Touch.  Is it possible?...... THE ANSWER IS YES!  DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is available NOW in the APPLE App Store. Download it for free and give it a try. We think you will love it.  

  •  DOCTOR COMPÁS™ simulates REAL Palmas and Cajón, because it is REAL palmas and cajón.  
  •  It can improvise complex rhythmic changes to challenge your sense of compás or by simply turning off the “Improvise Compás” button, DOCTOR COMPÁS™ will play a single, simple repeating pattern. 
  •  DOCTOR COMPÁS™ includes an important element overlooked in other flamenco metronomes and compás recordings - “swing”a.k.a “aire.” This feature eliminates the robotic, repetitive phrasing of other products.
  •  Try the free demo! Experience how fun it can be to have four palmeros and a cajón player to practice with.  At any tempo you choose, fast or slow, DOCTOR COMPÁS™ is the only flamenco metronome in the world today offering authentic flamenco soniquéte.
  •  Bulerias, Bulerias Sixes, Tangos, Jaleos, Solea por Bulerias, Alegrias, Soleá, Seguiriyas, Sevillanas, Fandangos, Tientos, Tarantos, Tanguillos, Guajiras and Rumba are the flamenco rhythms included. All are fully tempo adjustable.
  •  Independent Volume Controls for palmas, cajón and click track to hear only palmas, only cajón or just a regular metronome with correct accents. You can also use the volume controls to create the perfect mix for your ears. 
  •  A visual number display that shows you what beat you are on with accented beats emphasized to help guide you.
  •  Rock Solid Timing - we built DOCTOR COMPÁS™ to be stable and to deliver precise rhythm, including the added element of musicality.

An app with everything you need to improve your rhythm, phrasing and skill at an unbeatable price.

The Free Beta Testing Phase for Doctor Compás™ has ended. PC and Mac versions will be released very soon. Visit us on Facebook and click “Like” to recieve info on updates and new releases.

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