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Doctor Compás – The Flamenco Metronome that Improvises
  • The Flamenco Metronome That Improvises

    Available now on iPhone and Android.



"Me parece fenomenal y una ayuda muy buena para estudiantes."
“Dr compas installed in my phone. Awesome app and practice tool. Huge thank you to the developers.”
Al ValodzeAwesome app!
“Hey Jason, thanks this really kicks ass and compared to all my compás sets this being on my iPhone wins! Well worth it man.”
Roberto Cameron ClarkKicks ass!
"La facilidad para ajustarlo a tus necesidades, lo bien conseguido que esta para TODOS los estilos rítmicos del flamenco y sobre todo la tremenda sonoridad y soniquete que tiene, convierten a Dr. Compás en mucho mas que un simple metrónomo. Una aplicación básica e imprescindible para cualquier aficionado o profesional de este arte. Muy recomendable!"
David PáezMuy recomendable!
"Thanks to Doctor Compas that I finally understood and nailed the flamenco rhythms/compas and now I can not play or practice without it. Extremely helpful and addictive app. Please keep up the great work and keep on improving it and adding more things to it. Im using Ipod Touch, 4th generation, IOS 5"
Ahmad SamExtremely helpful!
“I have wanted something like this for quite a while, a truly affordable flamenco beatbox. Dr. Compás works exactly as advertised (as far as I’ve seen). This is what having an iPhone is all about...apps that enrich your hobbies in the real world.”
Dan DolmarTruly affordable!
“Hi from Barcelona, great job and congrats, I'm FLAMENCO violinist and teacher, I Have a Small Music school with a Flamenco program for strings, I we are very pleased to use your app. I just tried the iPhone one, is super cool.”
Ernesto BriceñoSuper Cool
“Just installed Doctor Compas on my IPad. Awesome app. It is light-years better then any other metronome or flamenco app. Well worth the $$”
Frank TaylorWell worth the $$!
“By far the most useful program for flamenco players. Practice with this and you won’t be lost when mixing with live performers.”
James CroakMost useful program!
“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for Doctor Compas. Have recommended it to all of my colleagues. Bravo!”
Jim PeronaBravo!
"Hola, soy flamenco y me viene Mu bien para sacar El bpm de los temas ademas los patrones estan super conseguidos ole y oleee! Genial! Maravillosa!"
Julio Jimenez BorjaGenial! Maravillosa!
“This has been something I have been looking forward too for a long time. Jason did a fantastic job capturing the sounds and layout. I will using this everyday.”
Victor TarrassovUsing this everyday!